Senior Systems Engineer (Hardware)


  • Evaluate, integrate and setup multi-disciplinary hardware electronics components such as GPUs, carrier boards, touch screens, camera sensors, WIFI antennas, batteries controllers etc.
  • Define, update and refine system requirements, system specifications, input/output processes and working parameters
  • Failure diagnostics and analysis: system-level and electronic components
  • Create and execute integration (lab and field) test plans for design validation, electronic components and at a system level
  • Transition of hardware products from R&D to production, (preparation of production files, BOM, managing subcontractors, definition and writing of test procedures and training the production team)
  • Lead electronic hardware optimization and cost reduction projects
  • Derive hardware specifications and system performance to enable algorithms to meet performance KPIs
  • Ongoing interactions with all R&D teams, project managers, customer support teams, logistics and procurement teams
  • Define and manage a roadmap for the system and electronics component


  • BSc/MSc in Electronics Engineering or Electrical Engineering
  • Team player with strong social and communication skills
  • Excellent English verbal, writing, reading skills
  • A minimum of 10 years of proven hands-on experience in multidisciplinary systems (electronic components and system level):
    • Working with multiple R&D teams (i.e. software, embedded, mechanics, algorithms, optics).
    • Evaluation, definition, Integration, setup and testing of multi-disciplinary hardware electronics components
    • Transferring systems from development to production
    • Linux kernel internals and debugging: process management, memory management, hardware device drivers, filesystem drivers and network management
    • Writing specifications, requirement documents, ATP, experiment documents, failure analysis
    • Managing electronics BOM and cost
    • Hardware architecture modeling
  • A minimum of 3 years of managing and leading multidisciplinary technological teams


  • Technical characterization, system design, and architecture of AI & machine learning systems
  • Familiar with RFID
  • Experience in CE (EMC and Safety) certifications
  • Knowledge in optics
  • Knowledge of python scripting language
  • Knowledge of C++ programming language

Work location: Tracxpoint, Nesher, Israel (North)

Minimum Experience
10 Years
Employment Type
Full Time
Haifa–Nesher, Israel
Position Sector
Hardware Engineer
Position ID
10 Years

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