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Seamless shopping experiences powered by AI and Digital Vision. No Barcodes, No Line, No Wait.

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Tracxpoint Introduces

Tracxpoint's Digital Artificial Intelligence Vision algorithm

The world's first, and only, Intelligent Shopping Companion that Sees & Recognizes products as well as the Human Eye.

…with 99% Accuracy

Tracxpoint Introduces

Intelligent Locking Device*, with CHECXiN® Data Connectivity.

*For Standard/Traditional Shopping Carts only

Tracxpoint Introduces

Tracxpoint CHECXiN® Shopping Cart Management

Interactive & Personalized Shopping Cart Management System.

Secure shopping cart management kiosk & terminal that positively encourages customers to return their shopping carts with personalized incentives. Discover CHECXiN®, the automated Daivi® and Traditional cart management system.
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Experience Tracxpoint’s Daivi® smart shopping companion @Spazio Conad, Italy – Daivi® Gen3 w/Dual Screens

The CHECXiN® Cart Management system is the first step in the Tracxpoint personalized ‘smart’ shopping experience. 

Changing the Retail Landscape.

Introducing the world’s first Modular Smart-Cart System designed to fit every existing type of shopping cart.

Since 2015, Tracxpoint has led the smart-cart industry with its award-winning Artificial Intelligence Cart (AiC®) and DAiVi® product recognition software.

Tracxpoint’s smart-cart solutions provide retailers with a powerful and easy-to-install system that effectively reduces shopping cart losses, combats product theft, provides personalized guest experiences, offers cashier-less checkout while gathering valuable data for store and manufacturer analytics.

Connect with us to purchase or learn more about how Tracxpoint can help boost revenues for your store.

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