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Tracxpoint is a retail technology company that develops AI-driven machine learning and digital vision applications which directly improve grocery store operations and the bottom line.

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Data-Driven Approach

Changing the grocery retail landscape.

Since 2015, Tracxpoint has led the smart-cart industry with its award-winning Artificial Intelligence Cart, DAiVi®, and its artificial intelligence-based product recognition software.

Tracxpoint’s grocery retail solutions provide store operators with a powerful and easy-to-install system that effectively reduces shopping cart losses, combats product theft, provides personalized guest experiences, offers cashier-less checkout while gathering valuable data for store and manufacturer analytics.

NOTE: Our products and solutions, Daivi®, CHECXiN®, T-Loc® and WAY® are NOT Experimental or Concepts. Tracxpoint offers active, proven, established, fully functional products that have been carefully developed and tested for over 7 years.

A truly intelligent machine.

Daivi® is the world’s first and only Modular Smart-Cart System with AI Computer Vision, Flexible Onboard Payments, Personalized Smart Coupon, and Advertising Engine.

Computer Vision

With over 99% Accuracy Rate, the 8 onboard A-Eye® cameras can literally read product packaging and distinguish between a variety of variable, such as Hands, Clothes, other items and multiple products – actively reducing theft.

A.I. Machine Learning

Tracxpoint's artificial intelligence algorithms constantly learn from every shopping journey, and is capable of extracting deep insights into retail operations, power individualized shopper experiences, and support over 50,000 SKUs per store.

Coupons, Promotions, Advertising

Through our A.I. system, customized coupons, prormos, or ads can be delivered to each shopper right on the Daivi®s main display, or through a loyalty/rewards mobile app. Personalized, and individualized, every instance is welcomed by the shopper.

The world's ONLY Intelligent Shopping Cart with AI & Machine Learning - Available at Spazio Conad, Pistoia, IT

Tracxpoint Presents

Tracxpoint's Digital Artificial Intelligence Vision algorithm

The world's first, and only, Intelligent Shopping Cart that Sees & Recognizes products as well as the Human Eye.

…with 99% Accuracy


Why Tracxpoint: smarter system, more revenue

Tracxpoint’s grocery retail solutions are as intelligent as they are flexible. With data insights for store operators as the core driving force behind these products, our standards for excellence are beyond reproach.

Less shrinkage

From products being identified by Daivi AI, and tracking for both carts and shoppers, intended and incidental loss is actively mitigated.


Our powerful and robust computing system is able to store over 50,000 SKUs per store – suitable for any-size grocery retailer.

Flexible Onboard Payments

Connect your existing payment systems with Daivi®s proprietary API, or enable other payment options like Apple® or PayPal®.

Natural Shopping

Designed around a traditional cart, the "Scan-on-Basket-Insertion" function provides customers with a natural shopping experience.

Revenue Growth

Utilizing our comprehensive Onboard Smart Coupon and Advertising engines, retail partners can generate additional revenues.

Innovation Platform

By design, the Daivi®s systems were created with the ability to transform to suite the needs of any retailer – Think: iPhone® app store.

Tracxpoint Introduces

Reimagined Intelligent Locking Device*, with Data Connectivity.

*For Standard/Traditional Shopping Carts only

Tracxpoint Introduces

Tracxpoint CHECXiN® Shopping Cart Management

Interactive & Personalized Shopping Cart Management System.

Secure shopping cart management kiosk & terminal that positively encourages customers to return their shopping carts with personalized incentives. Discover CHECXiN®, the automated Daivi® and Traditional cart management system.

Connect with us to purchase or learn more about how Tracxpoint can help boost revenues for your store.

Tracxpoint's Daivi Gen 3 Hybrid smart shopping cartTracxpoint's Conad branded Daivi smart shopping cart with AI
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