Tracxpoint CHECXiN® Shopping Cart Management

Interactive, personalized
shopping cart management

Availability – CHECXiN® is now available in Europe & Oceana – North America, 2024 – Limited to Grocery Retailers only

Retain the fleet,
reward the customer.

CHECXiN® – An outdoor shopping cart management system that positively encourages customers to return their carts by providing them with loyalty points, discounts, and other personalized incentives.

Tracxpoint’s physical shopping cart management system, or CHECXiN® system, provides numerous features to support and complement any Traditional cart and the Daivi® smart shopping companion.  Starting with real-time notifications from the moment when a customer extracts a cart, to “rewarding” the customer upon the carts safe return. Additionally, the CHECXiN® cart management system can be utilized with any retailers’ existing shopping cart fleets.

CHECXiN® Overview

Personalized shopping with security and data intelligence.

Complete personalization of the customer shopping experience begins when the customer ‘registers’ the cart from the CHECXiN® terminal. 

Intelligent Cart
Terminal & Kiosk

Starting with real-time notification from the moment when a customer extracts a cart, to “rewarding” them upon the carts’ safe return. The retailer can include custom messaging as well as offer product promotions, discounts and loyalty programs right from the Kiosk, or connected, Daivi® screen.

Registering the cart provides security for the retailer as the customer is linked to the cart until it is safely returned; additionally beneficial is the vast amount of non-personal data gathered during the customer journey for business intelligence analysis.

CHECXiN® secure cart management system accepts both Traditional & Daivi® shopping carts

Flexibility & Security

Unique to CHECXiN® is this intelligent system’s ability to secure both Traditional shopping carts in-addition to Daivi® smart shopping carts. Retailers who have already implemented the CHECXiN® cart management system have seen and astounding cart return rate of 99%, and their bottom lines grow.

CHECXiN® has literally put Millions of Euro and Dollars back into retailer pockets

Automatic Recharging

With a continuous-use battery capacity of 12 hours, the Daivi® smart shopping carts are automatically recharged each time they are returned to the CHECXiN® kiosk. Store associates can check the battery status of each cart with a quick Tap of the screen or via the back-of-house Admin Dashboard.

Proving grounds

Location → Israel
Problem → Chronic Loss of Carts

Like almost all supermarkets around the world, Shufersal was ‘loosing’ its shopping carts at an extremely high rate.

“Shopping carts were simply not being returned; our customers were leaving them on the streets and in car parks. The operational costs to collect these, together with fines and with many trolleys being damaged, was significant,” said David Laron, COO at Shufersal.

Cart Returns
Solution → CHECXiN®

Shufersal undertook a global search to find a solution for their problem and found that solution in their own backyard.

With the deployment of CHECXiN®, shopping cart ‘losses’ in Shufersal are now almost Zero.

“With CHECXiN® we have almost no shopping trolley losses, and having the data supplied via the CHECXiN® solution has improved our store operations significantly and our customers want to return their carts given the incentives to do so. CHECXiN® has literally put millions back into our bottom line,” said David Laron.


USA – Miami

R&D Facilities


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