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Availability – Daivi® is now available in Europe – North America & Oceana, 2024 – Limited to Grocery Retailers only
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High accuracy, visual product recognition.

The most powerful smart cart in the world, and powered by Artificial Intelligence, Digital Vision and Machine Learning, Daivi® delivers the ultimate next-generation shopping experience for both customers and retailers.

Featuring a large, 12″ primary display touch screen, an 8″ secondary basket-facing screen, 8 onboard cameras, and connected to Tracxpoint’s robust data center, Daivi® has the power and flexibility to integrate seamlessly with any grocery retail operation.

AI-Powered Digital Visual Recognition

Detects, Tracks & Recognizes Products Instantly.

Starting 10-15cm above the basket perimeter for immediate, highly accurate product recognition, Tracxpoint’s Daivi® is the only smart shopping cart system that visually recognizes a product, and tracks it through settled placement in the cart.

The Daivi® Gen3 smart shopping cart features eight (8) on-board Artificial-Eye (A-Eye®) cameras, powered by proprietary Digital Artificial Intelligence Vision (DAiVi®), which enables shoppers to add, and remove items with ease. No barcode scanner needed.

Identification response time is less than one-half second, and nearly instantaneous for popular or frequently purchased products.

Quick highlights.

Anomaly Detection & Anti-theft

The A-EYE® cameras are not only trained to recognize products but are also capable of recognizing other objects as well. If a product is covered by a hand or something else, an Error will appear on screen and store management will be notified instantly.

Basket-Facing Display

Shoppers can easily confirm an item has been successfully added to the basket without needing to stand behind the handlebars or moving to check the main display each time.
Additionally, when not in use, Advertisements may be displayed to other shoppers in the store.

Location-Based "Smart" Coupons

Utilizing precise location tracking with our WAY® system, shoppers can benefit from receiving automated discounts on products when the Daivi® reaches a designated spot in the store.
Smart coupons and rewards can also be triggered by limitless combination rules, such as (a) Product placed into the basket, + (b) Location of Daivi® in the store.

Smart Shopping Trolley from Tracxpoint with Computer Vision recognizes products instantly
Daivi®s' basket perimeter is 100% covered by Tracxpoints Virtual Recognition Grid, which instantly recognizes any item that breaches this area.

On-board cameras.

Tracxpoint’s Daivi® uses visual recognition capabilities and deep learning to automatically identify products placed-in, or removed from customers’ shopping carts.

These Artificial Eyes (A-Eyes) can see nearly as well as the human eye; boasting a 99% Product Identification Accuracy rate.

Personalized & Interactive Shopping Experience

Via store rewards programs, shoppers can enjoy a personalized experience and earn customized offers and rewards based on shopping habits or recent purchases. Combined with the Tracxpoint store companion app, Coupons can be auto-applied for items on shopping lists and Personal recommendations can be made to compliment any product.

Using the onboard WAY® positioning system, the Daivi® smart cart will automatically present any New offers not already added based on where the cart is located in the store.
Tracxpoint's Digital Artificial Intelligence Vision algorithm


Tracxpoint‘s fine-grained, self- developed and IP registered classifier technology is called DAiVi®.

It is based on data reduction in real time and is used to distinguish between similar products.

Tracxpoint Smart Shopping Cart can recognize products as well as the human eye
How the Artificial Eyes (A-Eyes) 'See'
Globally Protected Patent
What the Artificial Eyes (A-Eyes) 'Read'

Providing personal experiences for each customer, and eliminating the need for physical check-outs within supermarkets via Daivi®s on-cart payment system – rendering the check-out experience as totally contactless.


Graphic User Interface

Creating Value for retailers, customers & suppliers.

Customers can track real-time cart content, activate brands personalized coupons, sale notifications and even use the interface to locate items in the store.

Suppliers can maximize, track & trace products sales purchased in stores.

New DAiVi® GUI Design Concept Shown


Positioning & Data Tracking

Real-time insights

DAiVi® allows retailers and suppliers to deliver customized real-time promotions based upon customers’ locations and buying habits as well as optimal stock placements.

All this and more is visible via the DAiVi® Admin Dashboards, which are made available at store, region or global levels.

New Admin GUI Design Concept Shown


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Experience Tracxpoint’s Daivi® smart shopping companion  @Spazio Conad, in Pisa, Italy


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Daivi® Gen3 Introduction

Proving grounds

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Location → Conad, Italy
Situation → Pilot Program

In 2019 Tracxpoint signed a contract with Conad, a major Italian grocer with over 3,000 stores nationwide. Though the global pandemic cause some delay, today, October 2022, we are proud to announce the completion of the first Pilot in Pisa, Italy, which was a great success!

The 2nd Pilot run, with the new Daivi Gen 3 Hybrid cart was completed in April, 2023; again with great success. Conad is currently expanding the use of Daivi to additional store locations. 

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Advanced Product Identification

*Fine-grained, self-developed and IP registered classifier technology

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