Intelligent trolley lock device for standard shopping carts with CHECXiN® connectivity.

Secure your assets,
gather Big Data.

T-Loc® – An intelligent cart/trolley lock device that connects with CHECXiN®, and integrates with any Retailer member loyalty app, to secure assets, while providing deep insights and data.

Tracxpoint’s T-Loc® device integrates with our physical shopping trolley management system, CHECXiN®, to provide numerous features to support and complement any Traditional shopping cart.  Starting with real-time notifications from the moment when a customer unlocks a trolley, to “rewarding” the customer upon the carts safe return.

With less required infrastructure and easy to install on standard carts, Tracxpoint’s T-Loc® provides a minimal investment and a solid foundation to start generating non-identifying customer data – Additionally, the T-Loc® intelligent trolly locking device can be utilized with any retailers’ existing shopping cart fleets.

Intelligent Trolley Lock
with Personalization

Starting with real-time notification from the moment when a customer extracts a cart, to “rewarding” them upon the carts’ safe return. The retailer can include custom messaging as well as offer product promotions, discounts and loyalty programs right from retailer mobile app, while the customer is using the cart.

Registering the cart provides security for the retailer as the customer is linked to the cart until it is safely returned; additionally beneficial is that because T-Loc® is connected to the CHECXiN® system, store operators will still receive a vast amount of non-identifying shopper data gathered during the customer journey for business intelligence analysis.

*Scan to Unlock with Retailer Loyalty App
Shopper using Smartphone to scan QR Code to unlock the Tracxpoint T-Loc® trolley lock

Asset Tracking with

Utilizing the power of Tracxpoint’s WAY® Indoor Positioning System, T-Loc® enables retailers to keep track of any active shopping trolley, and enhances deep data insights, such as Heat Maps, to help optimize store layouts and avoid bottlenecks.  Moreover, when a trolley is abandoned outside in the parking lot, the T-Loc® actively sends a radio signal to the nearest CHECXiN® terminal, or nearest-neighbor T-Loc®-connected trolley, providing retail management with the trolleys’ approximate location. 

Additionally, WAY® enables smart location-based couponing that triggers savings deals for shoppers as they move through the store. 

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