Tracxpoint AiC® - Artificial Intelligence Smart Shopping Cart

Artificial Intelligence
shopping cart

High accuracy
product recognition.

Transferring the online shopping experience back to the store using smart-sensor computing, artificial intelligence, location-based advertisements and integration with retailer back-office and payment providers – Tracxpoint’s Artificial Intelligence Cart (AiC®) is driving a new era for retailers.

Tracxpoint's Digital Artificial Intelligence Vision algorithm


Tracxpoint‘s fine-grained, self- developed and IP registered classifier technology is called DAiVi®.

It is based on data reduction in real time and is used to distinguish between similar products.

Global Protected Patent

Tracxpoint’s AiC® uses visual recognition capabilities and deep learning to automatically identify products placed-in, or removed from customers’ shopping carts, providing personal experiences for each customer, and eliminating the need for physical check-outs within supermarkets via it’s on-cart payment system – meaning the check-out experience is totally contactless.

Tracxpoint is the only system that recognizes the product at the shopping cart’s perimeter to reach high accuracy.
Graphic User Interface

Creating Value for retailers, customers & suppliers.

Customers can track real-time cart content, activate brands personalized coupons, sale notifications and even use the interface to locate items in the store.

Suppliers can maximize, track & trace products sales purchased in stores.

Positioning & Data Tracking

Real-time insights

AiC® allows retailers and suppliers to deliver customized real-time promotions based upon customers’ locations and buying habits as well as optimal stock placements.

All this and more is visible via the AiC® dashboards available at store, region or global levels.

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Tracxpoint’s AiC® features

Proving grounds

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Location → Conad, Italy
Situation → Pilot Program

In 2019 Tracxpoint signed a contract with Conad, a major Italian grocer with over 3,000 stores nationwide.

in Contract

Advanced Product Identification

*Fine-grained, self-developed and IP registered classifier technology

Contents Monitoring Features


Location and Tracking


System Charging


Operational Tools


Operational User Interface


USA – Miami

R&D Facilities


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